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SENERQON is a group of companies, whose scientists, led by the scientific expertise of Dr. K. Satsios developed an internationally awarded innovative know-how in the field of optimum management and saving of electric energy by the optimization of power quality in heavy energy-consuming installations, such as factories, skyscrapers, large hotels, commercial centers, power plants, etc. This know-how, which has been awarded by Cambridge International Biographical Center, by American Institutes, and by many enterprises, gives the possibility to SENERQON to be the only group worldwide that can guarantee 100% the final result of the electric energy saving at existing installations.

The founder and owner of SENERQON Group, Dr. Konstastinos Satsios is also the Chairman, Co-Founder and CEO, as well as co-owner, of SEMAN Group & SEM Systems since their founding, 2006 & 2012 respectively. 

At the same time, the know-how in power quality optimization and electrical energy savings enables SENERQON to design and construct the electrical installations of new plants by incorporating the necessary energy-saving interventions from the beginning. The above could lead to reduced construction costs by up to 25% and reduced operating costs by up to 12% for the new electrical installations.

Dr. Konstantinos Satsios

Dr. Konstantinos Satsios is the esteemed owner of SENERQON. With a distinguished career in the industry, he has previously served as the general manager of NRG ORION, and is also the Chairman, Founder and CEO, as well as co-owner, of SEMAN SA and SEM SYSTEMS LTD.


Dr. Satsios is the driving force behind SENERQON research and development initiatives and is leading our engineering efforts with exceptional expertise.

Dr. Konstantinos I. Satsios, has been elected as a Senior Member of IEEE,  and his work has been repeatedly published in international and reputable scientific magazines. As recognition of his work and his important contribution to science and technology on subjects of energy saving, Dr. Konstantinos Satsios has been honoured by Cambridge International Biographical Center and the American Biographical Institute.

Furthermore, the biographical note of Dr. Konstantinos Satsios has been included in the 25th Silver Anniversary Edition of "Who `s Who in the World", printed by "Marquis Who`s Who" publications. Abovementioned publications from 1899 till today publish the biographies of esteemed personalities from all the world that have been distinguished for their spirit, their exceptional achievements in important sectors of human activity and their devotion in science and society.

Our CEO & Founder

Some of the awards & Honour of Dr. Satsios

Senior member of IEEE
25th Silver Anniversary Edition of Who 's Who in the World
The Contemporary Who's Who - American Biographical Institute
Great Minds of the 21st Century - American Biographical Institute
2000 Outstanding intellectuals of the 21st century - Cambridge International Biographical Center
Honorary Plaque by Marquis Who's Who Publications

Across the last 30 years Dr. Konstantinos Satsios had the honour to be given multiple references & award by prominent figures of the business world and peers of electrical engineering academic community. 

Academic Research of Dr. K. J. Satsios

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Publications in Reputable International Scientific Journals with a Peer-Review System.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "Fuzzy Logic for Scaling Finite Element's Solutions of Electromagnetic Field", IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 33, No. 3, May 1997.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "An Artificial Intelligence System for a Complex Electromagnetic Field Problem, Part I: Architecture and Training Procedure", IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, Vol. 35, No. 1, January 1999.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, " An Artificial Intelligence System for a Complex Electromagnetic Field Problem, Part II: Method Implementation and Performance Analysis", IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, Vol. 35, No. 1, January 1999.

K. J. Satsios, I. G. Damousis, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "A fuzzy logic system for calculation of the interference of overhead transmission lines on buried pipelines”, Electric Power Systems Research, Vol. 57, Issue 2, 5 March 2001.

A. G. Bakirtzis, J. B. Theocharis, S. J. Kiartzis, K. J. Satsios, "Short Term Load Forecasting Using Fuzzy Neural Networks", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 10, No 3, August 1995.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "Combined fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm techniques – application to an electromagnetic field”, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, accepted for publication.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "Inductive Interference caused to Telecommunication Cables by Nearby AC Electric Traction Lines. Measurements and FEM Calculations ", IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 14, no. 2, April 1999.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "The influence of Multi Layer Ground on the Electromagnetic Field of an Overhead Power Transmission Line in the Presence of Βuried Conductors", Archiv fur Elektrotechnik (Springer Verlag), October 1997.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "Currents and Voltages Induced During Earth Faults in a System Consisting of a Transmission Line and a Parallel Pipeline", European Transactions on Electrical Power ΕΤΕΡ (VDE), Vol. 8, No. 3, May/June 1998.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "Finite Element Computation of Field and Eddy Currents of a System Consisting of a Power Transmission Line Above Conductors Buried in Nonhomogeneous Earth", IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 13, no. 3, July 1998.

K. J. Satsios, D. P. Labridis, P. S. Dokopoulos, "The Influence of Nonhomogeneous Earth on the Inductive Interference Caused to Telecommunication Cables by Nearby AC Electric Traction Lines”, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, Vol. 15, No. 3, July 2000.

Fixing Electricity Lines

Global Leader in Energy Savings for Industrial & Commercial Facilities.

The scientific know-how of Dr. K. Satsios and his team has been applied with excellent results from 1994 in hundreds of electric energy saving applications: For every project the final electric energy saving result achieved is higher than the guaranteed. The saving percentages are between 7% - 13% on average.

Furthermore, it should be noted that with SENERQON’s team know-how, besides the electric energy saving, significant additional benefits are achieved for each electrical installation:


  1. Reduction of the maintenance cost for all the electrical equipment of the installation.

  2. Reliable operation of the electrical installation with reduction of the undesirable failures and increase of its reserve. Namely, due to the decongestion of the existing transformers and the Main Distribution Boards, as well as of the cables, new electric loads, that might need to be installed in the future for the electrical installation, could be powered by the existing electrical equipment without the need of expensive extensions of said electrical installation.

Innovative Power Quality Optimization Methods & Technologies

Our technological advances and carefully designed processes offer a multifaceted cluster of benefits.

Reduces annual electric bills by 7 to 13% year over year (e.g. annual electricity bill of $30 million saves $3 million every year)

Increases power availability by reducing apparent power by 15 to 35% in current electrical installation and power distribution lines – significantly reduces scope and cost of plant expansions

Reduces plant shutdowns and maintenance costs (after 1 year, clients report a 30 to 50% drop in maintenance costs from previous years, and report that unexpected shutdowns occur significantly less frequently)

Reducing vibrations by decreasing the forces inside the equipment from industrial processes, which improves product quality (some clients are able to meet improved quality standards enabling them to sell higher margin products into new markets)

Guaranteed 100% reliability of energy savings and competitive return on investment compared to conventional power-saving approaches

Reduces electrical hazards and improves plant safety

Our growth over the years

Key moments and projects in the history and the creation of our Group of Companies 



The first company of the Group, SEMAN SA,  was founded in Thessaloniki Greece in May 2006. Since then, SEMAN SA has implemented several energy saving projects for prominent companies like Hellenic Petroleum, Alpha Wood, Italcementi, Unilever, Papastratos, General Mills, Vodafone, Great Bretagne Hotel and many more.



The innovative know-how of SEMAN has been recognized in various countries of the world. n September 2011, SEMAN established the company SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT DMCC with a registered head office in Dubai, UAE. To this day, SEMAN and SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT DMCC have completed huge electric energy-saving projects with excellent results, for the steelworks RAJHI STEEL and for ALMARAI, which is the largest dairy Mega Factory in the world, both located in Saudi Arabia. It should be noted that due to the fact that ALMARAI is a Mega Factory, National Geographic has turned various documentaries for its installations (


SENERQON in Bulgaria

After the implementation of the projects at Drujba Glassworks S.A. in Plovdiv, Bulgaria & at Alfa Wood Bulgaria S.A. in Varna, SEMAN founded in 2012 the new company SEM SYSTEMS LTD with head office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then, SEM SYSTEMS LTD has implemented many energy saving projects across several industries, like Kronospan, Sofia Med, Sviloza, Lafarge, AKzonobel, Diaxon, Amazon etc.


SENERQON in Germany

In early 2016, SEMAN signed a strategic agreement with the German company ECO – Mentor, in order to apply its innovative know-how concerning electric energy saving projects to the heavy industry of Germany.


SENERQON in USA & Canada

In May 2020, SEMAN signed a strategic agreement with the company TECH IMPACT GROUP in the USA, applying its innovative know-how concerning electric energy-saving projects to the big electric energy consumers of the USA.


SENERQON GROUP in Saudi Arabia

SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT DMCC has recently initiated new strategic cooperation with ALMARAI COMPANY in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) after the successful energy saving projects at the installations CPP1 & CPP2, the electrical facilities of Bakery & Utilities at Cradle Area and also at the electrical facilities of Accommodation (2018) in Al-Kharj area. Specifically, new projects were assigned to SEMAN at the Water and Melon Farm facilities in the Al-Kharj area, as well as at the facilities of Poultry Processing Plant 2 (PPP2) facility in Hail, Saudi Arabia.


SENERQON 's new operations in UAE

in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as of June 2021, a major energy-saving project was successfully delivered at the electrical facilities of Etihad Mills in Fujairah. The achieved energy savings equal 13.4%.


SENERQON continuously delivers projects in Greece

In Greece, new important projects were recently delivered with absolute success at the facilities of TUPPERWARE HELLAS A.B.E.E. (member of the homonymous Group with factories in 77 countries) in Thebes and in the two factories of SEPTONA A.B.E.E. in Oinofyta, Voiotia (at Damari and at Lysia). In all the above projects, the achieved energy saving results were far greater than the originally guaranteed. 


Multiple new projects in USA, UK, CANADA 

In USA and Canada, scientific studies have been elaborated for big plant facilities, such as ALGOMA STEEL, CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITED, UNITED REFINING COMPANY, KIMBERLI CLARK CORPORATION, BROOKFIELD PROPERTIES and in the next the projects execution will follow, while a project is completed successfully (achieved energy saving results equal to 9,66%) in SanCasT WABTEC which belongs to the homonymous WABTEC GROUP, that includes 84 plant facilities around the world. Recently, SENERQON has implemented an energy saving project with excellent results at the facilities of AMAZON LCY8 in the United Kingdom. Finally, a huge energy saving project is under implementation for the skyscraper of the big insurance company IBX in Philadelphia, USA.

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